Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Hope's Center

I found this on local blogger Snakebite's site. Edited to ummm...make myself look smarter than I am. The original is here.

Saturday July 7 from 9am to 12pm FAB members will converge on the Center of Hope in a voluntary bike fixing effort.

The Center of Hope accepts bicycle donations, fixes donated bicycles, and gives them away to men and women in need of employment related transportation. Individuals departing prison are first priority in an effort to assist in keeping them from return visits.

A few weeks ago the Center of Hope had given away 190 bicycles so far this season. The only thing keeping them from giving away a record 400 bicycles is the number of functioning ones they have. Not too long ago they received 50 or so bicycles from Northwestern University in Orange City, Iowa.

What sort of bicycles are these? Imagine a college bike rack full of your sisters abandoned Magna at the end of a long year of college…then account for your sister’s 50 riding buddies who abandoned theirs too.

So bring your crescent wrench, your metric socket set, and other wrenches and let’s go!

Center of Hope at the top of the hill formerly known as Cliff Ave is best approached from the north. Head south from the Benson Road/Cliff Ave intersection; it’s one of the last couple buildings on the east side of Cliff Ave. I’ll lead a ride from the downtown courtyard just south of 334 S Phillips Ave at 8:30am.
Later Saturday is a Greenpeace global warming awareness event at McKennan Park. A number of bands are playing including The Body Electric. You may remember The Body Electric from previous events like Bike To Work Day. Related website here. This would seem like the perfect sort of event to wear one's The MinusCar Project t-shirt.

(Uhhh...sorry dudes that I am in debt a t-shirt too. I've sorta dropped the ball on that...for now.)

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