Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Ever seen a guy address a city council in a Primal Wear jersey and sound reasonable doing it? Well now you can with windows streaming media, right here. He's within the first five minutes. The prayer, the pledge, the approval of the agenda, showtime.

Does he have a silver tongue? Well he had an awful lot of calls from city officials Monday...maybe they know.

I've driven 50 miles so far this week. The Boy 5 began his initial venture into soccer yesterday. It's a long drive to the field. Today. I. Just. Didn't. Feel. Like. Riding. To add to the misery I had to fill up with gas to make it home tonight. Haven't done that since 5/17.

The Living on Liquid blogger found his way into the the USA Today...uh...yesterday. Here's his ecologically friendly money quote, "I'm spending a small fortune on gas for my boat." I know this because my Google news alert told me so...and then he blogged it. Stay cool Tom.

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glanzer77 said...

I gave USA Today all these great quotes about conservation and energy supply, and he used the "small talk" info that we had...oh well, keeps me honest.

Last night we did let the gas powered boat sit on the boat lift, and me and both boys went for kayak-trips. Brecken loved it, and Maxim pretended he was Diego and we were saving the rain forest...he did ask some great questions about the eco-system.

Sometimes a good paddle is great way to put the day to rest...the sunset was inspiring.