Saturday, March 22, 2008

Coffee And (not a very good) Microwaved Burrito

I know I'm late to this party but, this week I discovered Love it!

This morning I woke the the promise of tasty coffee and a bike ride. I met Mr. Bite at the official starting point with two words - Dunn Brothers. Off we rode in some of the neatest weather conditions - little wind, 32 degrees, snowflakes big enough to knock you off your bike if they catch you wrong.

Hey CycleSD, the woman who made my coffee asked after you!

My therapist was enjoying coffee. I haven't seen him for a few years. He knows enough to say he'd parked his car and walked the rest of the way just because it was so beautiful out. He's down with The MCP.

We departed The DBC. Roads were a little more wet and for the first time ever water entered through the bottom of my Lake winter boots. Hmmm...

We stopped off at Leaders Park to catch a visual of what the place might look like with urban singletrack.

We stopped off at Falls Park to see water falling.

We stopped off at the Museum of Visual Materials to imagine what it would look like to have 150 bicyclists there on Bike to Work Day. That's May 16 by the way. This year the most important thing is to NOT RUN OUT OF FOOD. This might mean not running out of PANCAKES.

We stopped off at Thee Snakepit to fetch a rather large Ellsworth dual suspended 29er frame. He strapped it to his back and...

We stopped off at The LBS where I departed to home and he began to attach parts to said frame.

It was a 25 mile day. As the image barely shows I rode from the extreme west edge of The City to the extreme east edge. And back. I like that in a bike ride.


bikingbrady said...

All you really need is a Garmin. Then you can download it when you get home to and there is no need to speed half your day on It's done automatically :-)

SD_pedalpower said...

All you really need is a compass :)
Nah, I was never very good at land navigation either. Sorry I missed seeing Doris at the C&D ride but the thursday night ride left the back/hip a bit sore.