Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Report: February 4 – March 2

A few nights ago I dreamed the roads were clear and I was riding my single speed road bike. I welcome March, but I’d rather say good riddance to winter. It’s snowing as I type.

For the sake of brevity I’m putting the whole month of February in one abbreviated report. I didn’t ride much. The cold. The snow. The city plowing budget seems to be used up. I'm a beaten man. Still, I was mostly conscious about my driving.

Thanks to a very good January I remain on my best car mileage pace yet.

January/February 2006 – 481
January/February 2007 – 407
January/February 2008 – 397

And I'm surprised to find I'm ahead of last year in bike miles.

January/February 2006 – 258
January/February 2007 – 72
January/February 2008 – 113

Two more months and winter will be over! Woo hoo!

PS. Don't forget to ask me how The MinusCar Project can promote and support a statewide organization that will give people yet another reason to travel across the state once or more a year.


SD_pedalpower said...

Oooh, that stings,

How about these for options instead of travel.

1. Web-X meeting
2. IM - meeting
3. Chat - meeting
4. Video chat meeting located at local colleges.
5. Make the travel day a mass transit test day using the bus system

Just some thoughts.

mytzpyk said...

It's still true, to be successful, at least once a year there will need to be a summit.

I've really liked the way we did planning meetings for the summit by conference call. This allowed me, on days I couldn't ride to meetings, to call in from home or wherever.

For THIS summit it was great to see FAB offering to pay transportation for carpoolers. Were there seven in your vehicle?

The two person vehicle I was going to ride in turned into four in a van.

And b-brady brought three(?) with him from Vermillion.

On some level this is just common sense - except the numbers of single and double occupant vehicles there might suggest otherwise.

SD_pedalpower said...

There were 5 total.

2 people had to bail at the last minute.