Monday, March 24, 2008

UNL Lectures

"Only puny secrets need protection. Big discoveries are protected by public incredulity.” - Marshall Mcluhan

The quote was dropped by Amory Lovins at the end of his presentation last month at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He participated in the E.N. Thompson Forum on World Issues. He's been travelling with his "Winning the Oil Endgame" presentation for a few years now. This is actually the third time I've heard it (updated of course), and I never get tired of it. This guy is VISIONARY!

If you haven't heard it - come on! Hear it. Get the current iteration through iTunes U or download the (I guess) 2007 version from last year's archives.

Or catch another version from the TED Conference (with video!):

I also listend to National Evangelical Association VP Richard Cizik at the same forum and the same month. I've written about him plenty but I haven't heard him speak at length. He's not nearly as polished as Lovins, I like my religion/climate change argument better but nonetheless I got 90 minutes uninterrupted from him today too. Again, available from iTunes U.

I almost forgot - my college classmate the Infidel Cowboy (I like to think of him as Fidel) would like you to know that "Global Warming is Bullshit." As I read back through his blog though it didn't take long (no time at all actually) to restore my hope in his humanity.

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