Monday, March 31, 2008

Weekend in Reverse

Mt Dew & Peachie O's on the way home.

NBA Wufs v Jazz - NBA game #1 for The Boys - the Boy 6 likes the Howl-o-meter. I'm skeptical. Wufs win. That wasn't the point.

Woodland Hills Church - listened to a sermon that may preclude me from being President later.

Wake/check out.


Dinner @ Town Talk Diner w/ Transit Librarian and his lovely wife. I had the brat burger. The Boy 6 had tapioca loaf.

The Wedge - food co-op. Either because we love visiting food co-ops, or because The Boy 6's tapioca loaf got soaked in the ice cooler. Or both.

You take the skyway, high above the busy little one-way.

Hard Rock Cafe

LegoLand purchase. Apple store walk through. See 15 minutes at MOA, How to...that MacBookAir is THIN!

Green Day: American Idiot for possibly the 20th time.

REI - because The Boy 10 might try climbing...but a Friday playground injury precluded him from trying the monolith. Darn. Then got kicked out because we didn't meet minimum requirements. 1 (one) North Face logo per group.

Hiawatha Cyclery - for reelights. Opens in 30 minutes. Bummer.

Wake up in Cycle City. Where'd all these bikes come from?

Sleep. Midtown Sheraton.

Drive. Audiobook - "Into the Wild" by either Jack Krakauer or Jon Kerouac


matt mccluskey said...

Just finished Into the Wild audiobook on my commute last week.

Next is I am Legend.

Spoke-N-Sport said...

I finished the Into the Wild Soundtrack several times. It's really good.

eayste said...

I saw Into the Wild on DvD a few weeks ago and now want to go to Alaska and die.

BTW. got a shout out on the noon forum on SDPR the other day. They were talking about South Dakota bloggers.

Keep up the good work/Dad business.
Your kids will apprciate it when they are older.

mytzpyk said...

I can't believe Eddie Vedder died in Alaska this winter. Now Eayste wasn't to go find his bones.

Eayste - thanks for the heads up. I was unaware...and I see SDPR streams media of that show. Now I face a difficult decision - does my desire to hear radio mention of MinusCar override my desire to keep RealPlayer off my PC.

eayste said...

I would keep RealPlayer off your PC. It was just a short blurp of MinusCar. Not enough to warrant a loading of a program.
It was on Monday , March 31st show, if you were curious.
Within the last 5 mins of the show.