Sunday, April 06, 2008

Coffee Run

I stepped out for coffee this morning. I'm like those Family Circus strips where Billy wanders all over the place on his way to some mother assigned task. Ultimately I bailed on Dunn Brothers and selected Caribou. Mocha and lemon poppyseed. 15 minutes. There was one other customer in the store - he had arrived in a bicycle too. I didn't know him. It took me 30 miles to find my way back home.

It's nice getting out early for an urban ride on Saturday or Sunday mornings. That first hand view of all the carnage (that's punny) caused by drivers that couldn't/wouldn't stay on the road during the night is especially enlightening.

What do you think about when you ride?


eayste said...

What do I think about when I ride?
How my actions effects others, this planet, and my very existance.
Open fields has a tendency to let the mind wander.

sans auto said...

What do I think? -- I sing (and if everyone is lucky they can't hear me)

Song selection is based on circumstance.

For example, an old standby by Bon Jovi 'I'm a Cowboy, On a Steal horse I ride'.

Or when I see an SUV trying to do a 14-point U-turn I sing 'Give me 40 acres and I'll turn this rig around' by the Willis Brothers, I think.

SD_pedalpower said...

Anything but about work!!!

glanzer77 said...

Sometimes I wonder if all the rural type people driving by me are wondering if I got a DUI and lost my license and now I have to ride a bike 16 miles into Huron.

Sometimes I wonder if they are trying to hit me.

Most times I don't think....I just feel the energy around...I know it sounds Zen-ish, but it's true.

The Woulfes said...

what do i think? Honestly- Mostly about food, delicious greasy food that 300 miles a week allows me eat. Sometimes i think about work, mostly i just decompress.

Snakebite said...

Having unprotected sex with strange women.

If Kenneth really does know the frequency.

If my bike shorts make my ass look fat.

If American Idol and Dancing with the Stars could be combined into one show.


bikingbrady said...

What I usually wonder is why everybody seems to be in such a hurry. Poor planning or overall leadfootedness (it's a word, I looked it up) is not an excuse to drive 40 in a 20.

Thanks, now I have to go take my Blood Pressure meds...

this single spark said...

I get songs in my head too. Like Roots Roundup's "Bike" (Live performance available for viewing on YouTube).

Or random thoughts...

Oo! A bird!


I check out boys, dogs, and other bikes.

Sometimes I just breathe.

mytzpyk said...

Spark! Breathe is a magic word this evening. You sent me scurrying for:

Pink Floyd: Breathe

Rob Bell: Nooma - Breathe

Your conclusions are your own to make.