Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Time Of Renewal

It's my birthday! Yeah, it's been a pretty big week. I rode my bike to renew my driving license today. Get this...there isn't a bike rack outside the DMV.

I notice on this very page, in the past few posts I've made favorable mention of Senator John Thune and openly agreed with Bill O'Reilly. With all the extra visits yesterday I wonder if some people may have gotten the wrong impression. Maybe I'll be able to do something about that on Friday.

The Gas Audit: yesterday's hoopla is history. Seems the most striking number, the bit everyone I talk to mentions, is the claim that I purchased 7 tanks of gas last year. I suppose I should mention that my car is a tanker truck.

It's so serious that The Dad's very employment could be at stake (see comment here). Let's make a deal. I will give an ongoing report of tanks of gas for 2008. From now on, the first full week of the month will feature bike miles, car miles and tanks of gas.

So far, it was a tough winter.

8:00am Update - KELOLAND blogger Cory @ Madville Times picks up the thread I laid down a few days ago about KSFY. BikingBrady and MinusCar get heavy play. I print out the post and save it as a birthday present. Thanks Robb at Sioux River Bicycles and Fitness in Brookings for being the one who actually watches KSFY.


Noel & Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday! It's is my wife's birthday today too.

bikingbrady said...

Happy Birthday MC!

I may have to make a chart like that, except I vowed to not log my miles this year. Maybe I'll log only my Commuting/Grocery Getter miles starting in May.

I no longer have my own car though, so it may have to be miles that I'm personally behind the wheel of the Ford Deathstar :-)

SD_pedalpower said...

Happy Birthday. Keep riding. Keep posting.

chiggins said...

Hey howdy and Happy Birthday!

Question: are you making the chart by hand, or is there an app that you can track usage and get your chart from?

I was contemplating making a plugin for Wordpress to do something like this.

mytzpyk said...

Chigs - I did it in Excel. WinVista (yes, I hate it) comes with a screen snipping tool that I used to copy the important bits to jpg.

SiouxGeonz said...

I noticed that the financial guy sort of added "unfortunately" as an afterthought... as in, in front of a different audience he might not have said it (the spineless dweeb). May someday people in his position GROW A PAIR and say "I'm considering it. I'm tired of being a slave to sloth."

Tez said...


PMunky said...

Well, thanks for giving me credit
for watching KSFY. Actually my
tv at home is only for watching
movies, don't even get any
broadcast, satelite or cable.

I get my news off of the computer.

One of my staff mentioned the KSFY
thing, and then we found it online
and it blew my mind that an anchorperson would make fun of

thE_kErnEl said...

Happy Birthday -- late.

Did Van Halen play?