Saturday, April 12, 2008

Coffee & Doughnut Abides

Snakebite and I kept the Coffee & Doughnut dream alive today.

Have I mentioned how much I like MapMyRideDotCom?

We met at O'Gorman High School at 8am sharpie and headed south on the bike path. We skirted the construction fence at 41st and noted the absence of trees near Olive Garden Restaurant. We wondered what the restaurant would look like with a raised dike out it's back door.

Over 49th to avoid fence #2, we enjoyed the crunch of last night's dusting of snow and ice. This was ride #2 on the 29 inch Ellsworth for him. We went around to Cherry Rock Park and took the greenway into downtown for stop #1 at Michelle's for biscuits and gravy. Is it too late to change the name of the ride?

I don't know how she keeps enough of them available. We visited with local songwriter and 2008 FABRAD (coming soon!) rocker Rich Show and at 9:35am, after Michelle's 9am help arrived to great fanfare (or was that dismay?), we departed for stop #2.

Mr. Bite had earlier noted MS Walk signs posted and after locating some of our favorite event coordinators by phone we arrived at the USF Stewart Center in time for pre-MS Walk festivities. We saw a few FAB members, we visited said favorite event coordinators, pretended we thought it was the MS 150 (that's Pedal the Plains to you buddy!), enjoyed a Su Fu Du performance and we were off. We didn't even steal any of their food.

Stop #3, Prairie Cycles to chat up it's owner and 2008 FABRAD (coming soon!) rocker Erik Nelson, about Bike to Work Day.

...and the ride disbanded.


Snakebite said...

I guess disbanding is better than disembowelling

Spoke-N-Sport said...

Why am i very scared to click on the disemboweling link?