Tuesday, August 02, 2005

altEnergy - Cooking Oil and Wind

Here's an article about a couple in Ohio, tired of paying so much for gas, bought a kit that allows them to burn cooking oil in their car.

Here's an article about John Deere and their plans to invest $60 million in wind energy projects this year.

And the Cleverchimp mentions the bikescape blog post featuring James Howard Kunstler. Kunstler is no optimist so if you've got a high level of anxiety about the future like I do consider avoiding these links. I listened to and rather liked the bikescape podcast and read this TruthOut article which ends:

"If there is any positive side to stark changes coming our way, it may be in the benefits of close communal relations, of having to really work intimately (and physically) with our neighbors, to be part of an enterprise that really matters and to be fully engaged in meaningful social enactments instead of being merely entertained to avoid boredom. Years from now, when we hear singing at all, we will hear ourselves, and we will sing with our whole hearts."

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