Sunday, August 14, 2005

Friday an interesting entry appeared in the MinusCar recent visitor details.

Looks like someone from big oil is poking around getting a feel for what the word on the Internets is. They spent almost half an hour reading. They came here through the Oil Is For Sissy's Blog. I wonder what exactly the assigned task was? I hope they come back...and maybe enlighten me.


TSD said...

Probably wondering how crazy their fumes actually have made us cyclists. Or maybe it was one of our own that actually spies on the oil companies. Hmmmm........

Jim said...

Glad to see I'm steering the bigwigs your way. I've ranted and raved. Maybe they're paying attention and planning my untimely demise. Maybe I'll take you all down with me; guilt by association (hyperlink).

Eric A said...

Saddly, most americans are to dumb to do anything about the rising gas prices.
Nor are they willing to give up the lumbering SUV that holds 8 , but rarely has more than 2 in it.
Americans = stupid and lazy
/broad generalization
//feeling angry at america
///even more angry at politicans and oil companies.