Monday, August 01, 2005

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7/31 - Anchorman **

Eh, yeah it's funny. I'm not much for Saturday Night Live talent making their way into movies.

7/28 - Deadwood: Season 1: Episodes 1-2 ****

I don't like Westerns, therefore I was prepared to not like this series. Half way through the DVD I was thinking it was good and worth finishing but I probably wouldn't need to continue with the next disc. At the end of the second episode I couldn't believe it was ending. I needed to know what was next. I like Deadwood.

Much has been said about the naughty language in this series and much of what has been said is true. For me, the language wasn't much of a distraction. I remember one section of naughty dialog striking me as unlikely, but other than that I was fully able to engage the story and let the dialog flow.

Deadwood will be back on this list.

(5 star scale)

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