Sunday, August 07, 2005

Viewewd Media: August 1-4

8/2 - Undertow ****

A not at all happy story about a dad and two boys struggling but surviving after the death of their mother. Along comes dad's brother wearing sheep's clothing. He wants something and is ultimately willing to kill for it. The two brothers must survive to face the evil that is their family.

8/3 - Criss Angel's Mindfreak on A&E

In 1998 Criss Angel and Klay Scott worked together on Angeldust: Musical Conjurings from World of Illusion. It was a soundtrack to accompany Criss Angel's stage production and a VERY good CD. Since then I've seen Criss in the media just often enough to know that he's still performing and aparently making a living. Wednesday his new A&E TV show was featured in the USA Today. I watched. I was entertained. I'll probably watch again.

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