Sunday, August 07, 2005

DDD Agrees; It's Contagious

DDD asked me to give him and his blog some love and then he found an irresistible way to get it from me. He got on his bike. He didn’t stop there. He rode it for utility. Into Shopping Central. With his young son.

Shopping Central in my mind is like a minefield. In Shopping Central, IF you can find a place marked for pedestrians to cross the street, you’ll also find a countdown timer attached to the light so the elderly know not to bother to try to cross, and the brave peds know exactly when the point of impact is going to be. Although they only rode near it, Shopping Central contains the busiest intersection in the state.

And his son, DDD(2) gets it too, “the next time mom needs groceries, if there isn't to many to get...we should bike to HyVee.”

Nice job guys. Much love.

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