Sunday, August 14, 2005

The Dad

My dad bicycles to work quite frequently, right here in the same city that I'm in. He's had some unpleasant experiences this year.

He sent me this fish tale - "Somebody from a passing car threw a fish at me and hit me. It mussed up my shirt, pants, and lunch bag."

I've been unable to verify the size of the fish, and yes, the car got away.


TSD said...

A fish??????? Someone once threw a log at me. But then again it was Texas. They do everything bigger down there. Big state, big oil, big cattle, big idiot(s).

Anonymous said...

I ride my bike to work almost every day (I take the bus other days so I'm right in the spirit of this blog.)
Here's a story for you; I just finish lunch and am unlocking my bike when two punks in a black Explorer drive by. One of them leans out the window, yells something at me, and then flips me off. He and the driver are laughing for a second, and then they rear-end a mini-van stopped at a red light, (which they didn't notice because they were entertaining themselves flipping me off).
Instant Karma, baby.