Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Anybody Seen My Legs?

They were here this morning. I must have left them behind when I transformed from worker bee to super commuter. Ugh! The ride home yesterday just wasn’t much fun.

I blame it on the over consumption of the cream cheese/cherry pastry someone brought to work. Well, actually it was probably a combination of that and the cinnamon rolls someone else brought to work. I would have made the Fat Cyclist proud. I never had a chance to even sample the fresh baked banana bread that someone else brought to work. Food at work…it’s an issue. I shoulda skipped lunch.

Not only did I have bad legs, before I realized I had bad legs I had already taken extended loop option A. By the time I arrived at extended loop option B my brain had apparently disengaged and I took option B while somewhere I heard a distant echoing voice suggesting I not do this. Or was it Obi-Wan suggesting I use the force?

Full brain disengagement occurred somewhere in the Neighborhood of Spaghetti Streets when I found myself off my route on a road I hadn’t seen before, going a direction that isn’t on the compass. I think there was a car in the way where I normally turn and I didn't feel like quibbling about it.

A few minutes later I put in a call to The Wife (Coach?). “I’m going to be later than usual; I’m not riding very fast.” Pick it up, she said. You’ve got time, she said. Dinner won’t be ready for another 15 minutes, she said. Uhhhh…I’ll be at least 25, I said.

At this point I was able to at least settle into a rhythm…and then this:

This is a wind speed graph. There’s a small uptick around 6pm from breezy to Rita. Yeah that was a head wind.

And then things started to feel abnormally bouncy. And then things started to feel abnormally squishy. And then I flatted. And then I called The Wife again. I mixed up a healty batch of metaphor and cliché and told her when it rains it goes from bad to sour. I sat there by the river with 67 mosquitoes and fixed the tire.

I made it home. Just in time for the departure of The Wife and The Boy 3. Bye. Just in time too, for some sweet and sour and cold meatballs.

I’m MinusCar guy, and I’m just happy to be home.


todd said...

This should enter the lexicon:

"There was a small uptick in headwinds: from breezy to Rita."

eayste said...

That nice headwind you were treated to on your way home.
Made for a nice tailwind on my way home from the CubeFarm at 1am.
I nearly beat my record of 0:18.46
this morning.
I had 0:19.02.
Not bad for 5.5 miles.

fatty said...

I eat like that on my GOOD days.