Thursday, October 27, 2005

Is It Warm in Here or is it Just Me?

This morning I encountered a co-worker on my way into the building. We exchanged customary greetings and acknowledged that I had, yes again, ridden to work. I mentioned that if the weather says like this I’ll be in good shape for riding all winter. He suggested that if the weather stays like this “we’ll all believe in global warming.” Heh, heh, he’s not aware of my (this) dirty little secret.

Coincidentally I was checking out the “Watershed: The Blog” blog and found this interesting post on the long range winter outlook. There’s a 55 to 60% chance that our winter temperatures will be warmer than usual. Imagine that. And you just have to love the quote from NOAA Administrator Lautenbacher, we’ll have “boughts of winter.” So, this is what it’s come to, Spring, Summer, Fall, and boughts of Winter.

And finally, Sunday’s issue of the local daily included a whole page about global warming. Two articles from the Seattle Times, three graphs, one diagram, and one photo of a former scientific skeptic perched like “The Thinker” on a globe. This quote adorned the top of the page, “The most important thing to realize is that most scientists didn’t originally believe in global warming. They were dragged – reluctant step by step – by the facts.” – Spencer Weart, science historian. Special thanks to Seattle Times writers for giving the local daily the necessary words, because if it makes our paper that means word is spreading.

Which brings me to The Offical MinusCar Project slogan: “Enjoy global warming. It won’t last long.” You heard it here first.

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