Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Passenger Data: September 28 – October 4

10/4 – 5p – Work to Station – 3 aboard
10/4 – 1p – LBS to Work – 5 aboard, 1 pickup
10/4 – 12p – Work to LBS – 14 aboard, 1 pickup, 3 drops
10/4 – 8am – Station to Work – 3 pickups
9/28 – 8am – Station to Work - 2 pickups

There aren’t very many people riding the 8am route from the new bus station.

The 10/4 12pm ride, not quite a record, was very full.

I picked up The MinusCar Bike Project on the 4th. I departed the LBS, frame in hand, and headed for a nearby restaurant for lunch. As I walked in the door I realized I was heading into a new experience.

Most people at restaurants have back seats and trunks. These are convenient places to store groceries, shopping bags and bike projects. I needed to bring my goods inside. This is highly unusual behavior. Most people inside settled for looking at me curiously. One man in line suggested the bike (just a frame) was going to be tough to ride if that was all there was. I shrugged his comments off and left his group and the cashier to finish their conversation about me. At that point I wasn’t necessary anyway.

Following that the frame accompanied me on two bus trips. Upon boarding my half expectation that I would be denied a ride because bikes aren’t allowed on busses (they’re not) went unrealized. They were difficult trips in that I had a backpack with bike parts, the frame, and an umbrella. I felt an intense need to be very careful to not poke any eyes out as I boarded and departed the busses.

The Wife was right, I should have gotten a smaller umbrella.

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