Monday, October 03, 2005

A Remarkable Day

This morning I tossed the MinusCar Bike frame and fork into the trunk and headed off to work.

Ha! I fooled you! This morning I bungied the MinusCar Bike to my backpack and headed of to work on my bike. It’s true, I’ve been inspired by stories like this from the Oil/Sissies guy.

On my way I noticed a guy camped out under a tree along the river on the edge of shopping central. He was rubbing his eyes, just waking up. Good morning!

For lunch I successfully delivered the bike to the LBS for removal of crank arms, pedals, headset, steer tube races, and cable routing devices. Interestingly the shifter mounts appear to somehow pierce the downtube. It’s not clear what anchors them in place. It is clear that removal of them would leave a hole through the frame. My Pal Pel thought maybe he could find some covering caps to neaten it up a bit. I can only hope the caps come in the form of bones or skulls. Yeah!

It was very nice to finally be rid of the weight of the extra bicycle as I headed to Staples. I purchased two ink cartridges and was pleased-nay-surprised to learn from the cashier that I was due a ream of paper for each ink cartridge purchased. We shared a mutual laugh as we both knew I’d be carrying it on my back. “Do you want them?” she asked. “Yes…NO!..of course.”, I replied. It’s the good stuff too; HP brand paper. One ream is 5.5lbs.

Next was Best Buy for some headphones followed by KFC for two original snackers with BBQ sauce. To go. Then back to work.

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