Thursday, October 06, 2005

Me & Idiot Driver #2

I'm very surprised this is only the second time I've been able to post about bad experiences with drivers. When I started this I expected there would be a much higher frequency.

While I was walking to lunch today a driver expressed his concern for my safety from the comfort of his 4,000 pound heated metal cage. As I was crossing a street (27,000 cars per day – yeah, I found a new data source) from behind me I think I heard “people have gotten killed doing things like that.” By “things like that” I think he meant just plain old crossing the street which is exactly true. Thanks for the tip.

I’ve posted about posing a challenge to drivers before. Walking confidently and sometimes asserting my pedestrian rights. This incident was odd because I in no way perceived that I had posed any sort of challenge to him.

I stood there in the street and applauded him for his fine performance. As he drove away I quickly finished crossing the street as my walk signal ran out.

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