Monday, October 03, 2005

Is It A Resturant? A Grill? A WHAT?

As I rode to do the bicycle pick up of the boys at the end of the day today I found myself enjoying the pleasant aroma from the grill of a nearby restaurant. "Hmmm...wind's blowing just right today." A block later I enjoyed the pleasant aroma of grilling from a nearby residence. "Hmmm...somebody’s going to enjoy themselves some grilled vittles tonight." A block later I became alarmingly conscious that I had been enjoying the exact same scent of grilling for an unusually long period of time.

Not 15 seconds later I discovered the source. It was waiting at the intersection for a green light emblazoned with a sticker inviting readers to visit Yes, this was a vegetable oil fueled diesel Mercedes Benz automobile.

I have gotten a whiff of the the future and it is the smell of grilled meat. I’m imagining a day when I can sit in traffic waiting for a green light and be surrounded by the smell of hamburgers. Or better yet, maybe they’ll figure out how to alter the scents. I’d like nothing better than to have the next smelly 1973 F-150 I get behind at 7am remind me of sausage.

(vittles is not actually part of my everyday lexicon.)

(lexicon is also not actually part of my everyday speechification.)


kterveen said...

Yo, Adam Curry has been talking about biodiesel on his podcast (the DSC) for a few months now. Beyond using oil-based products to power a vehicle, he has talked about using human waste.

tSD said...

There is a guy running for office in Minnesota that has a campaign truck that runs on the veggie oil. I was recently in Las Vegas and I saw what looked like a very new Mercedes Benz that had been converted. Are you saying you use speechification everyday?

Not Responding said...

I think it's "victuals".

mytzpyk said...