Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The DeWeese Report v. The MinusCar Project

“Please don’t worry. Global warming is not a horror that will destroy the earth. It is completely natural. We’ll get used to the warmer winters and the longer growing seasons for our crops. The sea levels will not swallow whole islands and the 911 Memorial in New York will never be underwater – I promise.” – Tom DeWeese, American Policy Center

Can I stop sabbathing, fasting and tithing then? – The MinusCar Project

I wasn’t five days removed from sitting in front of a Baptist Sunday school class explaining how my little nightmare (global warming) had morphed into the bigger question of my own mortality. The answers to the question having brought me to a much fuller appreciation of the biblical disciplines of Sabbath, fasting and tithing; nevermind the positive effect a brazillian people practicing these disciplines might contribute to the health of humanity, the planet, or...

Volume 13, Issue 3 of The DeWeese Report. Of particular interest is the article, “Forcing Global Warming Nightmares On Children.” The same article can be found online here at the American Policy Center’s website. The article is inspired by the story of an elementary classroom viewing of An Inconvenient Truth followed by a student letter writing exercise to global warming skeptics, of which Mr. DeWeese is one.

My own position on the Oscar winning documentary – I’m not old enough to see it. I'm afraid it will give me nightmares. My own position on the whole classroom exercise – there’s a big difference between a first grader and a sixth grader and it would probably do me some good to have this sort of conversation with The Boy 9 when he's more like The Boy...well any day now I suppose.

The setting is a letter written to Tom DeWeese from “a little girl in elementary school” followed by Tom’s educational (if not patronizing) written response. He gives some remarkable advice that I think everybody should follow.

More to come…

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T-Stan said...

You don't feel "old enough" to see An Inconvenient Truth? No kidding! I feel quite similar. I feel that I believe everything that Mr. Gore is selling...and that having to sit through it so explicitly will just piss me off that so many people need to have it spoon fed to them.