Saturday, March 10, 2007

Of Things Bike

You remember Dr James Dobson was attempting to get Richard Cizik fired? Bummer for Dobson...

"The National Association of Evangelicals board, meeting this week in Minnesota, supported a broad agenda that includes environmental protection...also declined to censure Rev. Richard Cizik, an evangelical lobbyist who has embraced environmentalism as a moral issue."

A couple guys from the local bike club announced a ride today. I woke up stoked to attend but at the same time I should have been getting ready to roll I learned that some of the city bike stuff I’ve been working on was in the local daily today. I wondered why a reporter sat through our last meeting. I couldn’t believe he was offering himself up as a Bike 2 Work volunteer. Oh…you say he’s doing an a.r.t.i.c.l.e?

The Owner is quoted. This is the third time this week The Owner has been in the daily (if rumors of his gun permit acquisition are true (they’re not)). The other time was for a local telling of the Red Bull Ride the Sky experience. Look at that article to see a very nice picture of two guys riding stairs inside a building (go fast though because I think they only keep a seven day archive).

I’ll just poach it -

Solve for x: small business owner + community involvement = x.

I joined the ride in progress and waded through a few hub deep puddles of melted snow with Mr Bite. Today marked day three in a row of Bite-related activities. Jealous?

Post ride I stopped at the LBS and salesdudepel gave me status on The MinusCar Bike. Looks nice doesn’t it?

It was a 30 mile/50 degree day. Ahhh…

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bikingbrady said...

A steady stream of cyclists in the media is always a good thing (even if it is "the owner" :-) ).
Interesting how a majority is SF think you should ride on trails but they shouldn't have to pay for it..hmmmmm