Thursday, March 22, 2007

Electrickcity Conversation

I've overcome my unwillingness to ride bike in non-cycling clothing. I can't go far because I sweat too much but...yesterday to meet The Family for dinner and today to meet KT for lunch...short distance trips...roll up the pant leg and roll out the wheels.

Lately I've been considering our household use of electricity. A long time ago I posted about putting the computers and entertainment system on power strips so that they could be completely turned off.

I also remember posting about a relatively cheap and small invention that generates 1kWh of sustained power...enough to light 70 light bulbs. This would be a boon in places that have no electricity. I counted light bulbs in my home...70.

One evening, after harassing The Boy’s about leaving lights on I suggested we implement a points system. A bonus points rule entered the conversation and for the past few months lights on in empty rooms have not been a problem. The remarkable thing…it was just a suggestion; it didn’t need to be formally implemented. I have smart The Boys.

During this time I have implement an electricity conversation plan.

Uses 28% less energy than similar fixtures.

Uses 12% less energy than similar fixtures.

Uses 50% less energy than similar fixtures.

There are mother-in-law considerations to this conversation plan. For many there are marital considerations to this type of plan...for wife is cooler than most.

Do you suppose my electricity conversation plan saves me any money? Geeky empirical data to come.

Do you suppose my continued use of conversation instead of conservation is funny? Empirical data may come.

To be continued...


this single spark said...

Hey! I'm on the same plan too. Bulb burns out... eh... leave it. Also saves on the "how many librarians does it take" jokes.

Snakebite said...

One word - Candles!

Ok another word - Fluorescent!

I always knew there was an Amish streak in you.

Michael said...

I suppose that Tom Bodett's got a bit of explaining to do.

Now, if we could trap light (from the sun, say) in a perpetual loop and then bleed it off as we need it, that would take care of a number of illumination conversations.