Sunday, March 18, 2007

A Very Good Weekend

In reverse order…

The Family joined me in checking out my employers new digs. The MinusCar Project got a whole lot easier over the weekend. My company moved (I’m guessing) 33% closer to my residence. I now have three acceptable ways to ride to work. That’s 66% more than the old location. It will be harder to equal last year’s bike miles, but it could mean more time to ride recreationally.

I missed out on a couple chances to get my position on global warming corrected…

Sunday morning there was a bike parked inside a local church. The MinusCar Project was a special guest in a Sunday school class. I forgot to pack shoes which worked out great. It provided me a nice way to begin the conversation…as we sat in a circle and looked at my shoes. I’m just glad I don’t ride Look pedals.

The actual class was good too. It’s extremely nice to be given the opportunity to practice some of what I write front of real people. I think it came out pretty well in that setting. Hopefully the church doesn’t burn down this week. But seriously… to anyone from that class who happens to come this way, thank you.

Saturday afternoon a group of cyclists joined the local St Patrick’s Day Parade. This parade is a people’s parade which I think means all you need is a face to enter. Or perhaps all you need is a placard and a magic marker. These are some sweet signs.

If I would have stopped to fully read their signs I would have learned they were offering an opportunity to get more information about their cause post-parade at a nearby park. It wasn’t ‘till tonight that I realized I missed out. Oh well. It would have dampened the post-parade high and I had moving work to partake in.

I think this is The Owner. Note the three inches of sweat around his neck. It was around 40-degrees. I named him G. O’Rilla – which I guess isn’t very funny, judging from the responses I received from parade attendees.

Here's Snakebite looking real nice warming up my parade bike before the start. A few miles on it each year keeps me young. It’s a great way to jump start the quadriceps and the monkey butt for the season…and my knees can still handle the pressure.

Finally, I got out and played my first round of disc golf with DDD Saturday morning. I haven’t played since September. It was a great morning. One of the holes was drifted in. He’s supposed to send me a picture. Either he forgot or it didn’t turn out. He’ll read this and let me know which. (Hi DDD!)

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Michael said...

Congrats on getting to the course for some disc golf. Been thinking that I should do the same. Wish my work were a little closer--glad you've moved closer to your home and the disc golf course.