Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Third Grade Social Studies - Vocabulary

“Hey The Boy 9 (not his real name) what’s demand?”

The Boy 9: “The people and their wanting stuff.”

“What’s the stuff?”

The Boy 9: “Huh?”

“There’s a word.”

The Boy 9: “Product.”

“Who are the people?”

The Boy 9: “Consumers.”

“How do you get the consumers to want the stuff?”

The Boy 9: “Advertise.”

It’s that simple. I’ve never appreciated home schoolers more (by that I mean we don't. Homeschool).

Import, export and international trade are on the list too. Perhaps tonight we’ll discuss trade deficits and global slave trade. Because right now, while he doesn't have money to spend, is a good time to talk about what 9 year olds in other countries do with their time.

Social Studies indeed.

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