Tuesday, March 20, 2007

It Will Be Colossal!

Some days just seem to work.

I just got back from a Bike 2 Work committee meeting. In my head I’m thinking we’re screwed. We’re biting off way more than we can chew. On my left is Mr. Bite saying, “I think there needs to be a little chaos that day.” Whatever goes down on May 18th at Fawick Park and the post-event bike pub crawl it will be colossal…failure or success. And part of The MinusCar Project story is…dooooo it!

I rode 23 miles today between home and work and the downtown Bike Committee/Bike 2 Work Committee meetings. I love this sort of day.

Once upon a time there was Full Face Helmet Guy keeping me accountable to my ride to work. Our paths would cross just about every day and we’d acknowledge each other in various ways featuring various levels of creativity. My employer changed locations. I have a new accountability partner. He’s known around here as The Dad. The Dad works on the same block I do. I parked my bike next to his today. Family values. See, some days just seem right.

I was correct in my previous post. My friend DDD did read this and did send me the picture he took. Here is the coolest hole from Saturday’s partial round of disc golf.

Sew Green. I know there are some crafty women (and I mean that in the best of ways) who, for some inexplicable reason (probably my darling The Boys), read The MinusCar Project. Welp, be aware that Sew Green has arrived.
“One day last November, on my regular blog, I mentioned wanting to start a blog about consumption. It turned out, some dear crafting blogger friends were also interested in this idea.”

The blog shows 14 contributors and they received 50 comments to their introductory post. If you visit and end up replacing your reading of The MinusCar Project with them…just remember once in awhile who sent you. Heck, maybe I’ll replace my reading of The MinusCar Project with Sew Green.

Additionally, it appears one of the contributors is friends with the Blue Greenie…go. Now.


Snakebite said...

Chaos = Party!!!

mytzpyk said...


bikingbrady said...

Every year the Lane Hogs Margarita Ride has been Chaos...and everybody loves it. It will be a good event, I have faith in you. Maybe I can round up a few hogs to show up :-)

mytzpyk said...

It would be very cool to have some LaneHogs come to our bike party.

Maybe the Lunatic Biker and company can come from MPLS.


Snakebite said...

Lunatic would have to start biking a week in advance given the odds of his car starting and not knowing the way to the airport.