Monday, September 08, 2008

Base To Base X

I got out for a lunchtime ride today. The bank (deposits), The Owner’s LBS (awaiting helmet), grocery store (stamps), another LBS (Knog Frogs), the ink cartridge recycler (duh), Radio Shack (TV antenna) and back to work. It took me about an hour.

The TV antenna pushed the limits of the messenger bag but a quick rearrange and maxing out the straps worked great.

Made for a 20 mile day which is good – I’m hoping for a 150 mile week...

...and no flats.


Hooterville Mayor said...

I saw you and your Dad on the bike trail early this evening. You were both smiling, go figure!

mytzpyk said...

I think I saw you. There were so many letter "G" coming at me it was hard to tell.