Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Strange Sort Of Timing

Much has been said about the rift, gap, schism, separation, disagreement, incongruity, discord, conflict, division between science and religion. Much more will be said, perhaps even here after I post this.

I found something in common between the two today. It’s a sweet sort of timing given my recent post about the common religious belief that the earth will burn up and some will be whisked away to a better place.

I listened to Peter Diamandis’ TED Talk today. He’s the CEO/Chairman of the X-prize. The prize most well known for being awarded to the first private sector manned spaceflight.

It turns out that he wants to be whisked away too:
"...everything we hold of value on this planet: metals and minerals and real estate and energy is in infinite quantities in space. In fact the earth is a crumb in a supermarket filled with resources."


Snakebite said...


What are you Pfft -ing, exactly???

mytzpyk said...

The whole idea that everything we hold of value on this planet is in infinite quantities in space.

Hooterville Mayor said...

Space is infinite, so, therefore, no Pfft'in allowed.

db said...

I keep meaning to thank you for pointing out the TED talks. I had never heard of them, or the conference itself, before finding this blog.

I really enjoy going to the TED site during lunch and taking in a thoughtful presentation, unlike the ones I have to sit through at work.

So, thanks.

mytzpyk said...

Cool, thanks, you're welcome.