Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Flying Hoods

I managed 24 miles today. I left for lunch and revisited yesterday's ride to Tuthill. This time instead of Qdoba I enjoyed a roast beef unwich at Jimmy John's. During the leg from Riverdale Park to JJ's I remembered that I was following the low traffic route presented to me a little less than 30 years ago by The Mom and The Dad to get from the middle of town to the bike trail.

Sheesh I'm old.

On my way home I stopped off for a half gallon of soymilk and a half gallon of cow's milk. That puts a strain on the messenger bag. Near the grocery store a pickup truck on the road lost its hood. The wind caught it and flipped it in the air. It didn't happen very close to me but I was the first vehicle to maneuver around it. Perhaps I should have helped him fetch it but I didn't.

Rain is expected the next few days but at this very moment the forecast is much more favorable than it was a few hours ago.


thE_kErnEl said...

I guess I have to say it again. Milk comes from titties. You bought soy juice.

eayste said...

Your only as old as you feel, and I am feeling young and out of shape.