Sunday, September 14, 2008

Pink Think

Saturday morning I volunteered to help FAB in its efforts to assist Sanford’s Biking for Breast Cancer ride. FAB designed and supported the 50 mile road ride route.

For the third time this week Russell the Muscle gets mention in this blog. He was there – being as well liked as he is tall.

This is simultaneously a photo of thE kErnEl, the producer of A Cycling Statistic – a stunning, very good local video encouraging helmet use - and a piece of art on the side of a guys head.

Let the festivities begin. It was ret and wainy.

CycleSD, The Owner and I setup our rest stop 18 miles into the route. We found a nice shady spot to get out of the bright sun and its low fifty degree heat, or not.

Here’s CycleSD doing some of the more difficult work involved with bike ride rest stop managment. It's hard to tell but I'm pretty sure he's holding up that third bike with his hip. Remarkable.

I can't make a photo blog about a bike ride without another picture of people riding bicycles. The tail end of the ride came through our stop. We loaded up the bikes and bodies of four very cold and wet riders and headed back into town.

Central Plains Cycling's Marty Sterzinger won this year's Biking For Breast Cancer ride. CPS's Director Sportif Dustin Bakker was rumored to be seen with hairy legs on the bike trail route with his wife.

This last one – it’s a bubble sculpture inside Sanford’s emergency room, conveniently located across the street from the ride's festivities. One of FAB’s own broke his collar bone when he apparently leaned over to get a better measure of moisture content on some wet railroad tracks.


My ride for the day? None. Zero. Nada. There are only so many cold and wet people I can look at before I decide I’m not in the mood to be one myself.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe next year we'll have more favorable weather for both rides! Good job in pitcherizin DeeDubyas' hard work, and immortalizing the memories of others!