Friday, September 12, 2008

Dude, Where’s My Bike Ride?

The Dad e-mailed me today. He’s at 85 miles for the week. I think he meant, “That’s me in your rearview. You’d better keep going.”


I was having such an exceptional day at work I just couldn’t leave over noon to ride my bike – or eat for that matter. I had two peaches and a banana off my desk. I’ve been keeping it a secret – peaches are excellent right now. Go get one. Seriously.

When I finally left work at 6pm I headed for Caribou Coffee where we trained some additional volunteer help with the local helmet usage survey Club FAB is engaged in.

I saw and talked with Russell the Muscle in a big box parking lot. He offered his approval of my performance the other day at Tuthill Park. He was one of the cross bike dudes.

I went a few more blocks and encountered Snakebite on the roadway followed closely by his S(ignificant) O(ther). No time for pleasantries, waves were exchanged.

We had a room full of people at Caribou. I put together the schedule and Chainring Chronicler - Bill The Scientist trained the new volunteers. We’re ready to roll (as it were) for Sunday.

I did a terrible job of planning for this evening. I frantically called Caribou yesterday evening to finally reserve the room only to find it already reserved…by me. Phew. Ultimately my poor planning manifested itself negatively by me riding home in the dark without lights. I stopped off at The Dad’s to deliver his survey packet and he had a spare red blinky to add a small amount of confidence to my ride.

Nonetheless - night ride!

On the way home I listened to Krista Tippett interview Eckhart Tolle on her Speaking of Faith radio show. I learned that Eckhart is the one who is famous for his New Earth book which Oprah Winfrey has very publicly embraced and some conservative Christians have declared a bit too new age-ish. I found him a bit new age-ish too.

I don’t know from Tolle but I do know I appreciated the truthiness of this:
…anybody who embodies this shift in consciousness and many people are going through it now on the planet — not the majority yet, it's still a minority, but they are — they cannot not have an influence on the world around them. They influence not by wanting to influence; it just happens. And then many people will be called upon to do things in this world, to be active. But it comes from a much more peaceful place within, not from an angry conflict-ridden state of consciousness. And very great power comes through you then. But the primary thing is not changing the outer world; the primary is going through the change within. And then you cannot not change the outer once that has happened.

Ms. Tippett: Wasn't it Gandhi who said, "I can't change the world but I can change myself"?

Yes. And ultimately, you see, that's where true change happens.
15.9 miles today – 40.2 with two days remaining.


Did you see The Owner supporting the community? Providing bicycles to the local college (take a moment to appreciate them for not changing their name to university…yet, I suppose) so they can start a Green Bike Program. I have some very cool friends!


I was reading chiggins – It’s Just A Ride (like I do) and really enjoyed his description of his long ride home Thursday. Here’s the money:

“… [it] meanders along the parkway past the entrance to the C&O Canal Towpath in Georgetown, and finally follows the Potomac all the way down to the Arlington Memorial Bridge. From there, I turned back towards the Washington Monument, then headed north to Downtown.”

There’s no mistake, I love my city, but wow! What landmarks! I never thought I’d be dreaming of living in Wasington DC on September 11 of all days. Thanks for the vicarious ride home! I’m happy to say I’ve ridden the C&O Canal Towpath. It was the day after the Marine Corps Marathon. There were plenty of partially used GU packets available for the brave and starved.

Don’t miss the green xtra-cycle with the white tires at the bottom of his post.


I received my homework for the Metropolitan Planning Organization. This weekend I might be reading the “Coordinated Public Transit-Human Services Transportation Plan.”

…because when you see a problem you might as well become part of it.

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