Friday, September 12, 2008


Like a lot of conservatives say, we shouldn’t waste our time and money countering global warming. We should be putting our efforts toward helping people adapt to it.

Ike might not be global warming – but adapting to global warming looks an awful lot like adapting to Ike.

So go ahead.

Be helpful.

Counter global warming.

Adapt to global warming.

Go ride your bike. Texas needs your gas to get home.

And they might need your gas money too.


SD_pedalpower said...

What do you think about T-boone? Is he just a fake looking to make it rich post oil?

mytzpyk said...

The PickensPlan -

I can't support any effort to allow me to continue to consume five times more energy personally than any other individual outside of this country.

I can't support any efforts that will allow me to continue to consume five times more resources than any other individual outside of this country.


It's a lot of fun to say South Dakota is the Saudi Arabia of wind energy. It's a lot harder to actually know something about what it's like to live in Saudi Arabia.

I'm pretty sure my family isn't one of the royal ones - I'll be one with three towers in my yard keeping me awake at night - and my son will be the one shimmying 410 feet up the pole to fix the broken turbine.

I won't be one of the ones having kinky sex with the Department of the Interior either.


Is he fake? Probably not.

Is there opportunity post oil? Probably.

Al Gore takes a lot of crap because he pushes (and make money off) carbon credits. He has to make money off it to demonstrate it's free market capitalism. If he didn't he'd be criticized because it looks so communist socialist.


I’m going to continue to work toward consuming less. Of everything. It doesn’t sound very fun – but I ride my bike a lot, eat a lot of good food, lose weight (30 pounds this summer), exercise, go for walks with my wife and bike rides with my kids– you know, stupid stuff like that.


Other than that I haven’t thought about it T-boone much.