Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It Doesn’t Hurt To Ask

I failed to reach 150 miles last week. I had 110 miles going into the weekend and Saturday’s cold and wet shut me down.

Sunday I awoke behind schedule to attend my appointment on The MUP to participate in the FAB helmet use survey. It worked to my advantage to be late – I didn’t have time to check the weather. As I sat in position the misting began.

After 30 minutes (and no riders) I picked a route. Off to Falls Park, through downtown, and stop for breakfast at Caribou. As I departed there another cyclist entered. I thought he was crazy to be out riding in the cold and wet.

By the time I arrived home I had 22 more miles giving me 132 for the week.

My loaded car went to the breast cancer ride. It had 13 miles for the week.

One family trip in The Wife’s car meant I was in a car twice.


This week I’m not chasing a goal – but I’m still going to blog about Monday. I took another noon ride for lunch. Falls overlook café. I look a longer way home because I had to fully appreciate what I’m calling The Mayor’s Detour.

A big section of The MUP is being reconstructed. Not satisfied with the loose gravel and rock detour provided around the fairgrounds The Hooterville Mayor contacted the President/CEO of the fairgrounds requesting that the fairgrounds be opened so cyclists can ride through on pavement. He approved the request. In addition to orange detour markings, the fairgrounds placed a marquee at the south gate indicating it’s open for the bike trail detour.

My bicycle has never felt more welcome on public property.

Thanks Mayor. Thanks fairgrounds CEO/President!

29 miles for the day.


Anonymous said...

They really did a great job of marking the detour didn't they?!

mytzpyk said...

I'll take your statement at face value and say - I really like it, it's quite easy to see coming from the south.

db said...

Isn't it cool when you find public officials or business leaders who are receptive to cyclists? Really makes a difference. Good job, guys.

Spoke-N-Sport said...

Thank you The Mayor. Bike community must work.