Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Brought To You By The Letter G

I got 25 more miles toward this week's 150 goal. I left work to ride all the dirt between Yankton Trail and Tuthill Park. At the very beginning of the ride I discovered Gregg followed closely by Greg. That's a basketball team worth of G's by my count.

I did the Tuthill climb three times. At the top I found two cyclocross bikes plus a mountain bike. I knew and talked with two of the bike's riders - seems some locals have a hankering to ride some cross races. Hopefully they'll be able to find some races nearby.

I went on to Riverdale and rolled through town to Qdoba stopping briefly to chat with The Mom & The Dad who were easily accessible in front of their home. Naked Fajita Ranchera with a side of rice and black beans for me. Please.

On to the FAB board meeting then home. Except for one more thing. The sun is setting earlier these days. That can only mean one thing for any evening post meeting rides home.


Lot's of rain between now and Sunday. That's not helpful.


Snakebite said...

I wonder if the FAB board would have it in them to appropriate funds to build some single track in Leaders Park.

mytzpyk said...

My sense is they would. The criterium came knocking and we gave them what they asked for, plus 10-ish volunteers.

Personally, if someone came to the board and said "give us $1000 we'll build some trails at Leaders Park," I would ask for details. If the details seemed realistic I'd vote to give the money. I don't know of anybody who has realistic details at the moment – and I don’t know how the other 8 board members would vote.

Having said that, I am in conversations with two other FAB members about local dirt. We've agreed to pursue a conference call with a regional federal recreational trails person who asked if there’s anything she could do for/with FAB. I'm hoping we can find some guidance there.

We’re not in much of a hurry though. We agreed to pursue this at the MS Tour. Then we agreed we couldn’t do it until after the crit. My Saturday’s since the crit were Lifelight, Helmet Hut, Breast Cancer ride so I figure I’m in debt to The Family for about 8 weekends.

Personally I’m not in a big hurry either. If I get voted off the FAB board in October I’ll have more time and energy for other stuff.

SD_pedalpower said...

Don't you have to be contested to get voted off :)

mytzpyk said...

I nominated you - so I assumed I'd be contested.

:) >>> back at'cha