Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bridges Of Minnehaha County

Looking at the first photo from today's bicycle adventure reminds me I read something else interesting from the internet local television news. But first the photo...

A piece of bridge disengaged and fell to the ground leaving a six to eight inch gap between bridge walkway and sidewalk. If somebody steps there in the dark it could be very bad news.

Yes. I'll feel really bad about that. I opted to alert the city through their internet complaint/comment tracking system. I opted to not call the police. Hopefully I don't live to regret my choice.

If I do you'll read about it here.

To the news. When I read this article - "Chunk of concrete falls from bridge" I learned that a chunk of concrete had fallen from an entirely different bridge. That our bridges appear to be falling apart is not what I'm highlighting.

This exchange is:

Occasional bike rider - "It [the concrete] was laying out in the middle there so I think most of the people that were riding would probably see it but you know people ride at night so yeah, it could be dangerous."

Director of Public Words responds - "I think I'd probably stop and move it out of the way you know. Probably get it out of the way and take back off."


Eric A. said...

What bridge is that ?

mytzpyk said...

West Russell Street.

They say remedial work is complete.

They didn't say whether they had to extract any bodies.