Monday, February 23, 2009

The Local Daily Says "Bicyclists Flock To Swap..."

This is Anthony. Anthony wants to build singletrack in Sioux Falls. I do too. Here's the link to The Local Daily's reporting on the Bike Swap. The photo is from the article. Anthony blogs as Chubby MoFo.


Snakebite said...

Singletrack? In Sioux Falls???

I'm in!!!

Evan said...

I haven't been to Sioux Falls in 25 years but I seem to remember it being rather flat. Do you guys have any hills?

mytzpyk said...

Define "any hills." The place we're aiming at has roughly 65 ft. from street to base. We're hoping for a bit over
2 miles of trail. It's not much but the closest true legal singletrack to us is in Nebraska close to 2 hours away.

It may not be much but it will be ours which contains in it all sorts of immeasurable benefits.

Anonymous said...

Have you guys thought of Tuthill? The park itself can be a bit over crowded at times, but there is alot of unused woods area out there and its right off the bike trail.