Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday Update.

Normally sitting on the couch like this is inappropriate. When inappropriate sitting on the couch looks like this I'd rather take a picture than stop the behavior.

I got my shirt at the swap meet. It was plenty busy all day long. I think Snakebite can be found on the TV news this evening. He'll probably be in the print media tomorrow. That twice in two weeks for him.

20 more individuals identified themselves as willing trailbuilding vounteers with FAST.

FAB swapped too and found a couple handfuls of folks looking to do some riding.

The city had had good biking weekend - and it's only February.


glanzer77 said...

How long did this actually last before the gloves came off and they started behaving like actual brothers?

mytzpyk said...

"Stop it, you're breathing my air!"

Like that you mean? Somehow, so far or right now, we don't actually see much of that.