Friday, February 20, 2009


The last time The Family made the short trip north to the in-laws we counted the X-Marks-The-Spot (where someone died) signs along I-29. Does it really average 1 a mile between here and Dell Rapids?

I understand The State has unusually high numbers of sleepy drivers. This is causing The State to become very interested in roadside rumble (WAKE UP!) strips. No doubt coming soon to the highway you used to like to ride on.


The other day I sat in a room full of cyclists and made an attempt to start a conversation around the idea that there seems (are) to be officials within city government that are uncomfortable with pedestrian and bicycle use of the local roads.

I suppose it's fair enough that these officials hold these views but I'd really like to know what these same people have attempted to do to, you know, at least say, to reduce the risk.

This vid brings my mind to the time I was introduced to the frontside of a barely moving pickup - something I very rarely think about. I was young enough to simply bounce off and continue on my way. Back when a 10 year old kid could almost walk a mile or two for a 45 rpm single at Lewis Southgate without getting hit. Probably "Another One Bites The Dust" that time.

The apparently blind driver was as lucky as I was.



Snakebite said...

Remind me to remind you of a conversation we were part of during the Bike Plan meetings regarding something like this. I want to talk to you about it but not post it on here - yet.

SiouxGeonz said...

In my experience, the people uncomfy with bike & peds near roads just want us to Go Away and get in our cars (because we *must* have one) or take the bus if we're too impoverished and in that case, please try not to get in the way of the worthy wealthy.
What... do something to make things work for peds and bikes? Why? They shouldn't be *encouraged* after all... they could get killed!