Thursday, February 19, 2009

How Many?

At least a million calories to get it here.


Anonymous said...

Hey, don't be dissin' da banana man, dat is my breakfast.

Along with a granola bar.
Sometimes and orange insted of a banana.
And a pot of coffee.

That's all I need.

Eric A. said...

I was just going to make a comment on how it may be sacrilege for a cyclist to dis the banana.
I eat 2 or 3 a day.
If we had to rely on everything to be local , we would never have fresh fruit or Veggies after Dec.
Cold store only goes so far..

mytzpyk said...

Yep, you're right - except that doesn't change the math.

MN_homesteader said...

I ride over 100 miles a week year round commuting and gave up bananas a few years as I started eating locally. Potatoes have more potassium that bananas, but they are harder to eat on the go.
Cold store and canning gets our family from Nov - May

townmouse said...

I'm curious as to what you're basing the math(s) on. My understanding was that bananas (and pineapples and other similar fruit which can be stored for reasonable periods) were shipped unrefrigerated rather than air freighted, which is how they get that nice yellow colour. But maybe things have changed

Of course coffee, too, is a little difficult to source locally...

mytzpyk said...'s where my propaganda gets called back to reality...

31,000 calories in a gallon of fuel.

It's a Guatemalan banana.

2,000 miles to Guatemala.

20 miles per gallon.

At least 1 million calories. I wanted to be generous because I really have no idea about the details of how the trip was for the banana.

If you want to get all fancy and distribute all the calories to the presumed multiple bananas on the transport then you should.

Either way, I sure am glad they drove that banana up here for me. It was indeed tasty.

But it's still from Guatemala.

By the way, Amory Lovins grows bananas in Colorado, year round at the Rocky Mountain Institute.

townmouse said...

thanks for the reply! I'm going to have to do the maths for the UK, assuming carribbean (or Canarian) bananas. And banana boats, of course

SD_pedalpower said...

I wish grocery stores would have a local grown section.

I need to learn how you buy your local produce thingy where they give you a bag every week?