Thursday, February 26, 2009

Not Today I Have A Meeting

I couldn't ride to work today because I had a Bike To Work Day meeting after work. The snow returned too. It's tough to want to ride after so many days of no snow. Besides, yesterday I moved my car to get the grill out. Driving sure can be addicting.

We talked a lot about how to pay for bike to work pancakes this year. We thought maybe raffles would work for some of it. One of us has some Tour o'California swag to give to the cause. As far as I know there's no truth to the rumor that a Livestrong TT bike will be available.

On Tuesday some FAST folks met with the city parks department. A set of four hoops have been clearly defined. Next Wednesday we'll begin the running start toward the first.


db said...

Just curious: what's the estimated pancake cost? Knowing the amount might make some fund-raising methods more or less attractive.

mytzpyk said...

We'll use Chris Cakes from Iowa.

About $1000 last year.

LightsOut said...

Oooh- tell us more about the hoops

mytzpyk said...

1. Gain parks department approval of a presentation/proposal to the neighborhood.

2. Gain neighborhood approval of the proposal.

3. Gain parks board approval of proposal.

4. Gain mayoral approval of proposal.