Saturday, February 21, 2009

How Many Miles From Guatemala?

I'm not sure what's harder - an hour in the hands of my trainer - or an hour in the mind of Eleutheros @ "How Many Miles From Babylon." Both exercise parts of me that won't otherwise be exercised.

"This is the freeman’s bailout plan. Make sure that in your own Nanotopia, your own circle of endeavor, that some real, tangible good or service useful to the folk has been produced by your efforts and by your encumbering the Earth."

That's the punchline - just because the joke is true doesn't make it funny.

I could point to my new adventures in bread making. I could point to my anticipation of my upcoming third season of attempted gardening. Both remind me that I'm a far different person than I was four years ago. But I can't tell for sure that these pass the test.

I gota run. I have a FAST Open House to get to. I'm joined with a small group of people trying to build singletrack within the city - arguably a tangible good or service useful to the folk within my circle of endeavor.

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