Saturday, February 28, 2009

MinusCar Goes To Gym Class: Test Today

I'm mentioned my trips to the trainer. Today was session #10 - officially the end of our first arrangement. The best way to sell a second arrangement would be to show some results, no?

She tested me February 2. She tested me today.

1 mile run - 104 seconds faster. Lots of these seconds are gains in confidence. On 2/2 I didn't suppose I could run a mile and I was right. Today I set a goal and beat it by 28 seconds. There's something nicely liberating in being that much faster than the guy I started running away from a month ago.

There's a bunch of MinusCar principles being played out in the trips to the gym. Non-consumptive spending and relationship building are two. But my favorite principle - running is a form of transportation.

Wall sit - 34 seconds longer.

Push ups - 7 more.

Sit ups - boy this exercise sure has changed since my last gym class 30 years ago. 5 more.


Bald-n-Surly said...

Not much better than pushing yourself beyond where you thought you could go. Running is addicting, kind of like cycling only not as much fun, so more like crack. Have fun.

Eric A. said...

Good job. Keep it up. :)