Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Two Firsts For Sioux Falls. Today!

Today. Two firsts for this city.

First, the park's board unanimously agreed to allow the parks department to enter into an agreement with Falls Area Singletrack, Inc. to build the first ever true singletrack trail inside the city. The venue is an under utilized and overgrown park in the core of the city know as Leaders Park.

It's been a long process and could easily be two years from the start before we turn over a shovel of dirt, but it's been pretty great to be in the middle of it all.


Second, today Sioux Falls licensed it's first pedicab operator. Sioux Falls Pedicab Company will begin operation Friday in the downtown area. I'm hoping to jump on board as pedicab driver #2. I think the owner will hire me, he's my dad.