Saturday, September 03, 2016

Elmwood Cx Labor Day Weekend Practice Course

If you've been lamenting the lack of a legible practice course at Elmwood Park this weekend is for you. I have carefully flagged what I believe to be the course that "they" created.

It's certainly very close to what is being ridden the most. I base this claim on this "2016 Early Elmwood Practice Course" Strava Segment viewable here -

It is generally an anti-clockwise lap and starts at the triple flags along the east edge of the big parking lot. It ends on the west edge parking lot by the picnic shelter.

I make no guarantees on the flags remaining in place. I was not invited to flag the course and am possibly stepping into someone else's territory. I will be removing the flags Monday night because mowing around them would be difficult.

Be sure to stop along the north woods and notice the abundance of Monarch butterflies.

Finally, want to ride it with me? Hit me up, let's work something out.