Sunday, December 01, 2013

I-229 Major Investment Corridor Study: Get Involved

I got involved.

Today I visited the website for the I-229 Major Investment Corridor Study then I clicked on the Get Involved link.

Then I got involved.

Well, actually I left my name, address and a bunch of text in the form. But I thought the text was important, in the sense that relatively few people involved in the study will offer the same thoughts I do. And heck, even though the game is rigged, there's no way cyclists and win if they don't play.

I like to play.

Here are the comments I submitted:

Please include Cliff Ave in the study: because the Cliff Ave interchange is so similar to the Minnesota Ave interchange I am surprised that it is not being included in this study. I understand there may be vehicular factors that logically cause its exclusion, however the issues faced by pedestrians and bicyclists are the same as Minnesota Ave interchange.  Consider bike & pedestrian volume and crash data in your analysis, please.

Minnesota Ave & Cliff Ave proximity to bike trail: please recognize and plan to include better movement or access from north of I-229 to the bike trail south of I-229. I-229 blocks a major path of desire for non-motorized access to the city's best and more frequently used park feature. Fix it. Add width to the outside lanes on Minnesota Ave. Add better sidewalk visibility and controls.

Bridges: add pedestrian bridges over I-229 south from West Ave, south from Phillips Ave, and east from 35th St. It’s hard for me to believe justification exists for the pedestrian bridge west from Teem Drive over I-29 that doesn’t exists for any of these three possibilities.

It's free! Get involved.