Saturday, September 27, 2014

Coffeeneuring Challenge #1 | Dunn Brothers | October 5

The first ride of the Coffeeneuring Challenge will be upon us shortly.

Ride #1 departs at 9am Sunday morning October 5 from Dunn Brothers Coffee.

Dunn Brothers Coffee is near the intersection of Arrowhead Parkway and Powder House Road.

From Dunn Brothers Coffee we'll head south to tour the Sidepath that's been built on the east side of what is commonly known as SD 100. At Harmodon Park we'll tunnel under SD 100, point ourselves north and find our way to the Rosa Parks Elementary School Bike Path in a Cornfield via Bahnson Ave.

The idea of the Coffeeneuring Challenge comes from the Chasing Mailboxes blog. See: The Fourth Annual Chasing Mailboxes Coffeeneuring Challenge.

My invitation to participate in the challenge with me is here: The Coffeeneuring Challenge

The ride from Dunn Brothers is 10.5 miles. To make your Challenge more challenging I encourage riding to the ride.

Here's is a link to a draft version of the route: Coffeeneuring #1 | Dunn Bros

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Friday, September 26, 2014

The Coffeeneuring Challenge

My friend Clint clued me in to The Fourth Annual Chasing Mailboxes Coffeeneuring Challenge.

I like it. I want it. If there's a group of 4-ish that would like to join me for the challenge I welcome it.

The basic idea of the challenge is to ride to 7 coffee shops between October 4 and November 16. Read the rules if you're serious about the real challenge which, I am.

Here's my plan:

1. Meet the group at a coffee shop at 9am - riding to the venue is preferred - perhaps even rewarded.
2. As a group, ride from the coffee shop a 10-ish mile loop that includes an interesting destination.
3. Rule #2 is adjustable based on weather considerations. The official challenge rule requires a 2 mile ride.
4. Rule #2 is primarily on-road miles. Road selection will lean toward low volume roads. But...Scooters.
5. Enjoy coffee at venue.
6. Disband.

Here's my schedule:

October 5 - Dunn Bros - east
October 12 - Black Sheep - mid-town
October 13 - Coffea - downtown
November 1 - Josiah's - downtown
November 2 - Shalom Ethiopian Coffee House - mid-town
November 8 - Coffea - west
November 11 - make up day
November 15 - Scooters - south
November 16 - make up day

"Why are you setting the schedule?" - because it's my party.
"What if I can't make all the rides?" - if you can make most of them, I welcome you.
"What if I think I ride slow?" - if you can go 12 miles in 60 minutes on the bike trail. Come, ride with me. I won't leave you.
"How can I join the fun?" - Say so.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Big Guys in Big Trucks

I had a most excellent exchange with a big guy in a big truck during tonight’s ride. I was stopped at a red light in the left portion of the straight lane. I do this to allow drivers the right on red.

Big Guy in Big Truck pulls up and stops on my right. In situations like this I generally look left to avoid open window commentary.

"Nice night for a ride," said the amicable fellow. I readily agreed because it indeed was.

"Man these lights are long." I thanked him by noting that I was glad that he was there to activate the light. They don’t usually change for my bike.

"That’s bullshit," said the empathetic fellow. I readily agreed because it indeed is.

My spidey sense began to tingle so I asked him, “you turning or going straight?” I enjoyed a moment of terror as I realized the implications of asking a big guy in a big truck such a loaded question.

"Straight. I know you are too. But I’m pretty sure I’ll beat you off the line." I suggested he might be surprised, which ensured he WOULD beat me. Which is good because we avoided the conflict that inevitably would occur if he hadn’t.

I failed to give him the hour lecture about laws and predictably and safety. But we both left happy. I like being happy.