Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Holiday Season

It's all pretty sparse around here I know. Sorry.

There been some stories. I encountered a confused bus rider at a shelter. I tried to help him read the schedule and map but before long I was confused too. I told him how to get where he was going in spite of the posted map/schedule. I confirmed the next day that the confusion was caused by the map/schedule posted was for a different route altogether. I let the proper officials know.

There was the time a few weeks ago someone stuck her head out the door of my favorite Coffea shop to tell me I was her "new hero" for my cold slightly snowy Pugsley ride. Half expecting it to be someone I knew all I could say when I turned to see her was "Really?" and "I'll take it."

Alas, it's the holidays. Have some happy ones. The Dad took The Boys and some cousins for a post-Thanksgiving pedicab ride.

Find some time to go slo.