Friday, September 26, 2014

The Coffeeneuring Challenge

My friend Clint clued me in to The Fourth Annual Chasing Mailboxes Coffeeneuring Challenge.

I like it. I want it. If there's a group of 4-ish that would like to join me for the challenge I welcome it.

The basic idea of the challenge is to ride to 7 coffee shops between October 4 and November 16. Read the rules if you're serious about the real challenge which, I am.

Here's my plan:

1. Meet the group at a coffee shop at 9am - riding to the venue is preferred - perhaps even rewarded.
2. As a group, ride from the coffee shop a 10-ish mile loop that includes an interesting destination.
3. Rule #2 is adjustable based on weather considerations. The official challenge rule requires a 2 mile ride.
4. Rule #2 is primarily on-road miles. Road selection will lean toward low volume roads. But...Scooters.
5. Enjoy coffee at venue.
6. Disband.

Here's my schedule:

October 5 - Dunn Bros - east
October 12 - Black Sheep - mid-town
October 13 - Coffea - downtown
November 1 - Josiah's - downtown
November 2 - Shalom Ethiopian Coffee House - mid-town
November 8 - Coffea - west
November 11 - make up day
November 15 - Scooters - south
November 16 - make up day

"Why are you setting the schedule?" - because it's my party.
"What if I can't make all the rides?" - if you can make most of them, I welcome you.
"What if I think I ride slow?" - if you can go 12 miles in 60 minutes on the bike trail. Come, ride with me. I won't leave you.
"How can I join the fun?" - Say so.