Thursday, April 27, 2006

Quick Notes

Red Light, Missed Chance – in January I mentioned my not so secret desire to someday be cited for riding through a red light. Yesterday morning I dutifully waited at a red light I often enjoy. It wasn’t until I saw a police cruiser that I remembered that this red light doesn’t turn green for bicycles. By then it would have been illegal AND unsafe to ride through. So I didn’t until the officer had gone by.

Red Light, Shared Frustration – on the way home as I waited for clear passage at another red light that doesn’t change for bicycles a motorcycle approached on the other side of the intersection to turn left. That rider parked right on the sensor. My custom at these lights when there are vehicles present is to wait and let them trip the light. We both waited through a couple cycles of the walk/don’t walk sign. Finally the motorcyclist shrugged at me and performed his left turn on red. I agreed and performed my crossing on red as well.

Are the Times Changing? – this morning as I waited amongst heavy traffic for a light a guy in a minivan next to me said, “Hey, can I ask you a question?” The light turned green and I had to slow down to wait for his question. “Where did you get those full length bike pants?” Ummmm…that is very likely to be the first time someone in a car has said something to me that wasn’t an instruction! I can only conclude that I must have been looking pretty good this morning.


Matt said...

I think of waiting for a vehicle to trip the sensor as waiting for My Friend The Car. There are some sensors I can trip with my bike, other's won't go, so I run reds on a very situational basis with a preference towards obeying them.

mytzpyk said...

Just want to be sure we're clear...I'm not waiting for cars to come and bail me out of red lights. This is a small (ish?) town I could end up with a 30 minute wait.

If there are vehicles at intersections, or they show up while I'm waiting to make safe passage, I don't cross on red because I know they'll trip the switch. Plus, I figure it's rude to go against a red in the presence of others.